Skyrim fan recreates its iconic opening – as a text-based RPG on Tinder

A Skyrim fan has created a text-based RPG based on the title - in Tinder

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One Skyrim fan is looking to don their Amulet of Mara and seek out a partner beyond the frozen wastes of Skyrim – further even than the ashen shores of Solstheim. They’ve headed to dating app Tinder to find the one. The one to play a text-based Skyrim RPG with, that is.

Reddit user Gmtom has posted a screenshot of a Tinder exchange they had which they’ve titled ‘Tinder RPG’. In it, ‘Tom’ – presumably Redditer Gmtom – presents the unknown user with a mini choice-based adventure packed to the gills with more peril, excitement, and sword fishing than you might expect from the first communications of a Tinder beau-to-be.

The story seems to be based on his interpretation of the events leading up to the beginning of Skyrim. In each stage the Skyrim storyteller extraordinaire offers the user a scenario and a few choices of what to do next, following the text-based adventure genre faithfully. It starts out with a pretty meta introduction – “Congratulations on matching with Tom” – with four choices of response: a “cheesy pick up line”, “interesting fact”, “honest compliment”, or “start a text RPG”.

From there the user’s adventure takes them down to a river where they try fishing with their sword, dive in to evade an enemy, before getting swept away and ending up on a certain cart full of hostages making its way to Helgen… The adventure ends with the familiar phrase “Hey, you, you’re finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that thief over there”.

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Whether many expectant soulmate-searchers will be happy to go out looking for love and get a trip to Skyrim remains to be seen, but who knows, it might just be the thing for a lovelorn Nord.

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Of course, at some point that infamous Skyrim spouse question might come up: “Would you mind cooking me something?”. Just remember though, you can always keep playing.