Beat up irritating Skyrim NPCs with honour thanks to a new duel mod

Skyrim Duel Mod

Draw – A Duelling Mod for Skyrim lets you challenge all those irritating non-playable characters (NPCs) to a honourable duel.

You can’t challenge people who follow you (sad times), but if any NPC – even an essential one – looks at you in the wrong way, you can just shout some magic in their direction and demand they fight you in a wholly respectful duel.

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See, unlike the usual method – which is just random stabbing, let’s face it – a duel is considered a dignified way of settling a grievance, so you won’t rile up the other NPCs if you take issue with someone, leaving you with a fair(ish) one-on-one encounter.

“This mod adds (and unlocks automatically) a single shout to the player called Challenge,” explains the author on the Nexus Mods page(thanks, PC Gamer). “When all 3 words of the shout are used, the NPC in the player’s crosshair is challenged to fair combat by the player. In order for the targeted NPC to accept the challenge, they must have a negative relationship with the player.

“Don’t worry about that too much though because challenging someone to a duel hurts your relationship, naturally.”

Get your challenger down past 20 percent health and they’ll pass out, and your honour is restored. Or you can stab them. Up to you, I guess, although be warned: you can kill essential characters, too, so bear that in mind before you start throwing your weight around.

The modder also left in the ability to challenge animals “if knocking out dogs is your cup of tea.” What a time to be alive.

As for what happens if you lose? Nothing. Your challenger will permit you to live forever more in the uncomfortable knowledge that you suck. Enjoy.

For more details, or to grab the mod yourself, head on over to Nexus Mods.