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This Skyrim mod lets you sacrifice chickens for bonuses - if you can survive the farmers

Will you make a pretty fowl decision for some extra bonuses?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is packed with creatures you take out to gain XP, crafting items, and lots of loot, like draugr, daedra, and of course, those massive dragons that keep swooping in threatening to spoil all your fun. Now, you might want to add something considerably smaller to that list – a new mod lets you gain perks for dispatching poor little domestic chickens.

The pretty self-explanatory Sacrifice Chickens Skyrim mod by creator Javaplaza is “a funny concept inspired by Viking tradition” which rewards you with some bonus effects if you put an end to some of the land’s littlest inhabitants. “After installing, if you manage to kill a chicken, you will be smiled upon and granted a worthy, but temporary bonus”, the creator explains, adding: “You’ll have to risk a town pet or go hunting in the wild.”

The bonuses are as follows: your combat skills increase at a 10% faster rate, you’ll regenerate health, magicka, and stamina 10% faster, you’ll gain 10% extra speech skill, and your carry weight goes up by 60 points too. These all last for 12 in-game hours.

Worth felling some fowl for? Perhaps – though if the fact that the chickens are harmless little cluckers just minding their own business doesn’t make you think twice, the fact that they’re domestic creatures with some fiercely protective guardians might. If you’ve ever tried taking out a chicken in Skyrim – for example, in Riverwood – you’ll know that you immediately gain a bounty and just about everyone nearby tries to immediately tackle you. To death.

Still, if you’re happy to “do away with a chicken and live to tell the tale” as the modder puts it, “you’ll be favoured by the gods” and earn some pretty sweet bonuses for a while – and maybe feel a bit more connected to Skyrim’s ancient Nordic roots at the same time. Oh, and it works on goats, too.

If you’re keen to grab the mod, head to Nexus Mods here. As ever, mod at your own risk! You might also find our list of the best Skyrim mods handy if you’re keen to tinker with your game.