Skyrim’s total conversion mod Enderal is getting an expansion, Forgotten Stories

Enderal Lost Stories

It’s 2016 – toupees get elected, pigs fly and mods get DLC. Such it is for Enderal, the Skyrim total conversion that impressed basically everyone earlier this year by somehow, actually being complete. Now it’s getting even bigger, with another “10-20 hours of quest content” called Forgotten Stories. The official teaser is above.

For all the rest that Skyrim mods have to offer, we have a dedicated post.

The SureAI forums host the official announcement from Nicolas Samuel. He also details various quests you’ll be able to take part in – a couple of new guild lines, a new story mission focused on the Sea of Eventualities, expansion on character deaths in the base game and more. It also adds a “secret ending” to the main quest, presumably if you get all of this stuff done.

Samuel describes what’s being added as content that was cut from the final version of the mod, so expect it all to be up to the final standard of Enderal once it’s had a little more work. No release date as of yet, though Samuel is working on it full-time – expect it in 2017.

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