This Skyrim mod adds Fallout 4’s clothing system

The Dynamic Clothing System lets you create outfits with parts from different armour sets

Though maybe not including those party clothes you’re given, the armour and outfit options in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are great. From mage robes to the mighty Nordic Carved Armour (with the bear head-shaped helmet), you have a lot of choices on how to kit out your Dragonborn. However, one cool aspect of costume customisation that features in developer Bethesda’s later title Fallout 4 was missing in Skyrim until now – or, hopefully soon at least.

Reddit user TheDalbak18 has posted some information about a new Skyrim mod they’re building called a Dynamic Clothing System. Basically, it introduces outfit-creating mechanics from Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls Online to Skyrim. The user’s description says “it splits some of the vanilla outfits into the 11 different parts which [are] shoulders, neck, chest strap, arms, torso, torso armour, girdle, pants, groin armor, tights armour, and knee armour.”

Making a total of 13 slots, this allows you to make your own outfits by equipping parts from different armour sets.

The user says that, although it’s still a work in progress, “with this mod you’ll be able to make your own outfits in-game by equipping different body parts.” Most parts “equip over another so that makes it compatible with regular armours/clothing and with custom outfits.”

Like Fallout 4, it sounds like the system will give you an even greater freedom to mix and match your Dragonborn’s apparel to your heart’s content, with the game’s outfits further deconstructed into parts. The user adds in the comments that, while there’s one slot for the shoulders, the mod will feature single or double variations.

The mod is still a work in progress, so is currently not available to be downloaded, but things seem to be progressing well so far. The slots are all set up, and the majority of clothing parts have been implemented. When the mod releases, TheDalbak18 aims for more than 100 specialist clothing parts to be in place.