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This Skyrim mod lets you check your mail at any time instead of waiting for a courier

"Your hands only"

“I’ve been looking for you. Got something I’m supposed to deliver. Your hands only.” That’s likely one of the Skyrim lines most deeply embedded in your memory, as it precedes a whole lot of quests – every single one you need to meet a courier for. Skyrim’s mailmen are remarkably adept at tracking you over vast distances, but you might find it a bit more convenient to get all your mail in one place.

That’s where the Skald’s Mail – A Courier Alternative mod comes in. It lets you rent or purchase a mailbox and use it to collect all the letters a courier might otherwise hand-deliver to you. That should make the flood of letters you get in the early levels a bit less annoying, but if you need to hear the custom dialog that comes with some of the bigger deliveries, you still have the option to receive those by hand.

These custom mailboxes also let you do mail order shopping by picking up catalogues from shops around the world. Similarly, you can send off weapons and armour for improvement at Warmaiden’s, or bows and arrows to the Fletcher in Solitude.

You can grab Skald’s Mail from Nexus mods.

There are always loads more Skyrim mods to check out. One of the coolest ones we’ve seen recently adds Sekiro’s combat to Skyrim – clearly, the community’s ideas and ambition are not going to run out any time soon.