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Here is a map of every Skyrim mod

Ever wanted to know where every single Skyrim mod is located in-game? Now you can thanks to a tool called Modmapper, and it has even more uses than that

A map of Skyrim mods, with locations full of mods marked in red

You want a map showing the in-game locations of every single Skyrim mod? Look no further than Modmapper. This tool serves as both a beautiful monument to Skyrim modding and a convenient way to debug your own installs and find potential mod conflicts. Best of all, it’s a website, so you don’t even have to install anything to make use of it.

Modmapper is the work of dactyl (via PC Gamer). It peruses Nexus Mods daily to add every mod built for Skyrim SE into a satellite-style map of the region itself. Each mod is allocated to the cell it affects in-game, and you can see which cells have the most mods attached. There can be over a thousand mods tracked in the red hotspots, or under a dozen in the furthest outskirts of the map.

You can upload your own mod list to personalise the map for what you have installed, which also lets you double check which cells are affected to resolve potential mod conflicts. Those mods don’t even have to be uploaded to the Nexus for the mapping tool to recognise them.

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