This Skyrim mod makes it a Super Mario 64-style Chaos Edition with unpredictable effects

Forget Special Edition - now you can give Skyrim a "Chaos Edition"

Skyrim is great. With the help of the best Skyrim mods, it can be tuned to become basically the RPG game of your dreams – but it can be tweaked into something truly zany, too. Take a new mod, for example, that takes inspiration from a truly wacky Mario 64 hack to turn it into Skyrim: “Chaos Edition”.

Have you ever been running around the open-world game’s, well, vast open world and thought to yourself, “I wish completely random and unfair things would happen to me to spice things up a bit?” modder Jdc997 asks. Well, they’ve got a solution, regardless – a mod designed to “make your next Skyrim playthrough a little less…predictable”.

Their Skyrim ‘Chaos Edition’ mod is inspired by a fan-made Mario 64 creation of the same name, which essentially tinkers with the retro game’s code to throw all kinds of random effects the player’s way as they try to make their way through its levels. Effects included suddenly making Mario flat, unable to do things like open doors or jump (or, conversely, giving him super high jumping power), altering his and the game’s textures, and other similarly comical tweaks.

Likewise, the Skyrim mod will randomly trigger one of twelve different effects, making the Dragonborn’s day that bit more… interesting. These include things like launching your hero, NPCs, or – well – everyone into Tamriel’s stratosphere. “Don’t worry, fall damage is disabled (usually),” the moder says. Gulp.

Others spawn creatures near your location, temporarily paralyze you and Skyrim’s folk, transform you into a supernatural beast, mess with NPCs’ behaviour towards you (calming, terrifying, or making them frenzied), change NPCs’ size, and switching the weather. Oh, and one particularly unusual one presents you with a random quiz question about Skyrim. “Answer correctly, or die,” the description says. Yikes. Better get studying.

If you’re keen to introduce more than a little Mario 64 Chaos Edition-style madness into your Dragonborn’s world, you can find the mod at Nexus here. As ever, be sure to mod with caution and follow the creator’s instructions to get it up and running smoothly.