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RIP Khajiit, this Skyrim mod lets you play as a house cat

You now have the chance to become the last Dovahkii-tty, thanks to this Skyrim mod

While there are already lots of incredible and impressive Skyrim mods out there, there’s always room for another that lets you tackle the adventures of the Dragonborn in a whole new way. And now another as arrived – which lets you play Skyrim basically as a Puss in Boots.

The Playable House Cat Mod by creator DisgruntledWombats builds on mods by Mihail and SirCumference64 to offer exactly that – the chance to play as a (pretty large) house cat. There are two variants, one of which lets you play as a big, fluffy tabby cat with a collar, but the second adds a delightful red hat and what appear to be tasselled booties to the Dovahkii-tty. So, there you have it – a playable Puss in Boots.

Check out the modder’s pictures and you’ll quickly get an idea of the fun and mischief he can get up to. “What’s the meaning of this interruption?” Jarl Balgruuf of Whiterun’s bodyguard asks at his intrusion, before the furry adventurer then proceeds to knock plates and drinks flying by climbing up on the table. Shoo!

It looks like Skyrim’s fluffy protector has some fun meeting the locals, too. Blades leader Delphine finds him “pokin’ around” the Sleeping Giant Inn, and another resident asks, “You’re kind of fuzzy. What’s wrong with you?” Elsewhere, the Puss in Boots-type version can be seen just enjoying a rack of freshly-caught fish all to himself. Yum.

If you’re tempted to grab the mod for yourself and become the last Dovahkii-tty, head over to Nexus Mods. It’s based on the game’s skeever gameplay, but you’ll need to install a couple of other mods to get it running, so be sure to follow the creator’s instructions on the mod page.

Top image credit: DisgruntledWombats/Nexus Mods