Huge Skyrim mod Summerset Isle just got way bigger with SE launch

Huge Skyrim mod Summerset Isle arrives in the Special Edition of the Bethesda fantasy RPG game with way more content following the College of Winterhold quest

Skyrim mod Summerset Isle - a Khajiit in a hood smiles toothily at the camera

Skyrim mod Summerset Isle, first released in 2015, is among the most ambitious mod projects for one of the best RPG games, offering a expansion of DLC size that takes players to the Elder Scrolls island that is home to the Altmer in a questline following on from the Bethesda game’s College of Winterhold questline. Now the mod has arrived in Skyrim: Special Edition – and its creator promises eight times the content of the original version.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Summerset Isle is a mod from creator yourenotsupposedtobehere. It includes a vast laundry list of features, with the new version including 176 quests (up from 61 in the original mod’s release) across over 200 discoverable locations including 40 cities, towns, and villages. It also promises over 800 fully voiced NPCs, two companions and a follower, custom music, weapons, and gear, new ingredients to harvest and food to make with them, and a total of 37 new spells across multiple schools of magic.

Along with all the additional content introduced in the new release, this updated Summerset Isle also includes more diverse interiors (including both buildings and dungeons) and an enhanced follower system that causes accompanying NPCs to follow the player’s lead when deciding how to approach fights.

Summerset Isle is designed to be a more challenging experience, with the description explaining that “not all markers will lead to quest destinations, you may have to use your map. Not all quests will have markers, you may have to listen to dialogue or read your journal for clues.” It notes that not all quests are linear, meaning that if you aren’t following along with the journals and notes you find along the way then quests may seem disjointed. It also promises plenty of references from older entries in the Elder Scrolls series including Oblivion, Morrowind, and Daggerfall.

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If you want to explore Summerset Isle for yourself, you can find it on Nexus Mods. You’ll need approximately 2GB of additional disk space for it, and must first become the Arch-Mage of Winterhold before you can undertake the new quests.

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