Elder Scrolls fan’s mum starts her Skyrim journey, internet goes ‘aww’

A new Skyrim adventure begins

There’s nothing quite like stepping into one of the best RPG games, or – heck! – best PC games around for the very first time, especially if it’s something as wondrous and beloved as Skyrim. An Elder Scrolls fan has captured the moment their mum stepped into Skyrim for the very first time, taking her first steps on a journey into Tamriel’s frostiest and most dragon-filled region – and the internet is very excited about it.

“My mom’s starting her Skyrim journey today,” posts GTFrostbite on the open-world game’s subreddit, alongside a picture of their mum getting her Dovahkiin set up in the character creation menu. As you can imagine, the post’s already hitting upvotes into the thousands, and there’s a whole lot of support and excitement flowing in from the comments.

“She’s OUR mum now,” one fan says. “Cool mom approved,” “You have a cool mom”, and “Hope she has fun and loves the game!” say others, with plenty of other similar comments posted in the replies. There are also requests for updates on how her playthrough goes from others. It’s all very lovely and wholesome.

The question on some fans’ minds is, naturally, what character build did she go for? Well, the poster has got the answer. “A Breton sneak thief is what she made,” they explain, adding they were surprised as they’d thought she might prefer donning “the heaviest armour” and picking up “the biggest weapon” – but it seems Skyrim’s newest player prefers the sneaky approach to gameplay instead.

My mom’s starting her skyrim journey today from skyrim

It sounds like the poster’s mum has already encountered Skyrim’s most iconic and meme-worthy foodstuff in her adventures so far, too, with GTFrostbite mentioning that she’s aware of sweet rolls’ healing value over vegetables.

Hopefully we’ll get to hear more about GTFrostbite’s mum’s travels in Skyrim in the future, but for now, we can content ourselves with the thought of another player getting to experience an adventure in Bethesda’s sprawling RPG for the very first time.

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