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Bloodborne invades Skyrim with this cheeky mod


Love Bloodborne? Love Skyrim? You’ll feel right at home with this mod from Japanese modder Vicn, who has created the world of Glenmoril. 

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Glenmoril is a massive mod that looks to take you to the world of Bloodborne while right in the middle of Skyrim. There’s a selection of quests, weapons and armor sets available, all inspired by the excellent From Software love letter to the Dark Souls series. Unfortunately, the complete mod isn’t yet available, but there’s plenty in there right now to keep you busy for quite some time.

With that siad, there’s an episode comprised of ten quests up for grabs, but there are three more episodes on their way. The pre-alpha is available right now in Japanese, but you can download a special English translation patch and check it out here. Just don’t be surprised if you find it difficult going forward to differentiate the two games while playing said mod.