Skyrim Workshop’s file size limit has been sent to oblivion

Skyrim mods

Skyrim’s gargantuan library of mods contains plenty of dramatic overhauls and chunky files, but on Steam Workshop, they were limited to 100mb. That meant mods were split up, causing more faffing, making alternatives like Skyrim Nexus more appealing. 

Today, Bethesda has announced that it’s removing this limitation, allowing users to upload and download files of any size. 

The feature is in beta this week, before Bethesda officially rolls it out. Mods will be downloaded and managed from the Steam client after it goes live, instead of the launcher downloading them from the Steam Workshop.

If you fancy participating in the beta, just go into the betas tab of the game properties menu, then select Skyrim beta. For the Creation Kit version of the beta, go to the betas tab of the Creation Kit properties menu and select Creation Kit beta from the drop down.

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