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Ambitious Skyrim mod celebrates 22 years of Morrowind with new video

Skywind, the Skyrim mod that aims to recreate all of Morrowind, has released a brand new video showing how far the ambitious mod has got.

Ambitious Skyrim mod celebrates 22 years of Morrowind with new video: A Hlaalu guard from Skywind stands outside in the rain, probably at Gnaar Mok.

Some mods aren’t just ambitious, they’re almost akin to making an entire game from scratch. Skywind, the huge upcoming Skyrim mod which will incorporate all of Morrowind, definitely fits that bill. In development for over a decade, the team behind the mod has just released a brand new video to celebrate 22 years of Morrowind, giving the first major update on the project for a while.

Titled The Road So Far, this Skywind 2024 update video gives a granular look at exactly where the Skyrim mod is at in its development and where it needs help as it heads towards an eventual launch. The key takeaway from this update is that this isn’t just any old Skyrim mod or total conversion, it’s a truly colossal undertaking that’s seen the modding team work across nearly every discipline in game production.

The video starts with some background information about how Skywind came about, formed as an offshoot of similarly-ambitious Oblivion mod Morroblivion. From there it’s onto the current state of the mod and there’s plenty to see and talk about over the video’s near 28 minute runtime. Each aspect of the mod is isolated and spoken about, with progress updates and roadblocks highlighted in what’s probably the most in-depth look at Skywind yet.

A scene from Skywind which shows the mod's revamped Vivec city, complete with new outdoor areas.

For a start, 2D art is nearly complete, with 98% of all required 2D art assets being finished. When it comes to 3D art, however, the Skywind team asks for those with any experience in 3D clothing and 3D texture design to step forward and lend a helping hand. In fact the Skywind team requests for assistance across a range of disciplines, from composers to voice actors, QA testers to those who can work setting the mod’s NPC navigational paths. There’s a lot to help out with, should you be so inclined.

The scale of the work already implemented in Skywind is, frankly, stunning. For example, with the release of a tool that let the team add custom animations, the mod has been able to move away from simply reusing skeletons and animations from Skyrim, introducing a more Morrowind-y aspect to the game’s creatures. This means that the best boy in gaming, the Scrib, is one of those that has brand new animations, ensuring the air of Skywind will be alive with the bomp-bomp-bomp of these happy little guys.

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There’s no release date for Skywind just yet but if you’d like to throw your hat into the ring and help out, you can head over to the Skywind site in order to apply.

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