New speedrun technique brings the Skyrim glitchless world record under 73 minutes

The glitchless Skyrim speedrun world record has dropped again thanks to a new technique

A landscape shot in Skyrim

Skyrim is a big game, but speedrunners have been making it look small for years, and it seems there’s still more to discover. Skyrim speedrunners have figured out a new technique that’s managed to shave a full minute off of the glitchless main story quest run, and it’s bringing new life to a category whose previous world records had stood for the better part of a year.

The Skyrim glitchless main quest world record is down to 1:12:15 thanks to runner nucular (as spotted by TheGamer). Until just recently, nucular held that world record at 1:14:07, but there’s new tech in the air, as demonstrated by fellow runner TODDs_Telemedien, which has broken new possibilities for the category.

Basically, it hinges on the quest A Cornered Rat, where you go into the Riften sewers to meet with Esbern. With some skilled manoeuvring and a bit of luck, you can get an angered guard to follow you toward that meeting so that when you finish with it, he’ll take you straight to jail. That effectively serves as a teleport out of the sewers, saving you from having to go to the trouble of leaving the area, and cutting over a minute off the run.

Check out the current world record run below.

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I, for one, look forward to telling you all about the new speedruns to come in the days following the eventual Elder Scrolls 6 release date.