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The Skyrim Library collects Skyrim’s in-game texts so you can put them on your bookshelf

The Skyrim Library

Skyrim is not blessed with the most scintillating story; it’s probably the least interesting aspect of the game, despite including dragons and a land torn apart by civil war. Instead, the best yarns are hidden away in the bounty of in-game texts. 

There are mountains of books to be found in that frosty land, leaning against each other on bookshelves, locked away in chests, scattered on dirty dungeon floors. Now they’re being collected in physical volumes that you can stack in your own dungeons beneath your home. 

The first volume is due out this month. 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Skyrim Library Volume I: The Histories will breach the veil between Tamriel and our reality on June 26th.

The Skyrim Library will eventually be three volumes deep, and within their pages you’ll find illustrated entries on Skyrim’s lore along with text detailing the region’s argumentative factions, beasties, heroes and the landscape itself.

All I want to know, however, is which volume will contain the classic drama, The Lusty Argonian Maid.

Volume I will set you back £29.99.