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Valve introduces paid mods into the Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop gets paid mods

Valve’s announced a significant change to the way the Steam Workshop functions. Now it’s no longer just a library of user-created mods, it’s a shop where modders can sell them. Users are now able to buy mods directly from the Workshop page. 

This is all kicking off with Skyrim, which has an absolutely massive library of mods on the Workshop (though I’d recommend using Skyrim Nexus to download the most uptodate mods and a mod manager to avoid conflicts).

If you go onto Skyrim’s Workshop page, you’ll see that there’s a paid mods category, but you can also hide paid mods if you’re only interested in free ones.

The price of a premium mod will be up to its creator, and modders will be able to use a pay what you want model, too.

Since the Steam Workshop is now a shop, there’s a refund policy as well. If the mod’s broken, you can claim a refund within 24 hours. Here’s Steam’s policy.

To mark the introduction of premium mods in Skyrim, the game is free for the weekend, and 75 percent off until April 27th. The DLC and Legendary Edition have been discounted as well.

What do you lot make of this? Are you happy to support modders with your cash?