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The Escapists 2 trailer reveals new timed transport prisons

The Escapists 2 transport prisons

When The Escapists 2 launches next week on August 22, you’ll be tasked with escaping from ten different prisons. The latest trailer introduces three new ones with a twist: they’re transport prisons. Escape from a plane, train, and a boat using stealth, violence, and wits. But you’ll have limited time and limited tools to create your escape plan. 

Escape reality with the best indie games on PC

For bad cowboys there’s Cougar Creek Railroad. In this level, you’ll be locked up inside a train making its way through Cougar Creek, which you’ll need to break out of before it reaches the end of the line. The trailer hints at some potential escape methods, like stealing a horse.

If the dry, dusty West isn’t your cup of tea, there’s the HMS Orca. It’s a ship headed to a remote island where you’ll be marooned – you’ll need to find a way off it before it gets there. Keep an eye out for jet skis, not just eagle-eyed guards.

Finally, there’s Air Force Con. Channel your inner Cameron Poe as you attempt to break out of your temporary flying prison. Maybe you’ll be able to subdue the guards, steal a parachute, and gently float down to safety. Or maybe you’ll just be caught again.

As with the other seven prisons, you’ll be able to attempt these daring escapes with pals in both local and co-op multiplayer. Start a game together or jump into existing games to help your buds run to freedom.