Here’s how to survive The Evil Within

The Evil Within

Sebastian Castellanos, the cop protagonist of The Evil Within, is going to need to leave behind a mountain of monstrous corpses if he’s got any hope of surviving Bethesda’s horror romp. Unfortunately for him, resources are fleeting and his enemies are resilient.

He has options, though. Loads of them, Traps, guns, one-time insta-kill weapons and even matches can help get him through the night.  

I confess surprise at the range of ways enemies can be dispatched – there’s a lot to be considered. Silly monsters can be baited into walking through explosive traps, the dead need to be set on fire to ensure that they aren’t just pretending, and there’s the handy multi-purpose crossbow that uses bolts crafted from disarmed traps.

Weapons can be upgraded too, along with Castellanos’ own personal skills, by performing unpleasant experiments in an asylum. There’s a cost, though: brains. Not to worry, the brains are ones found in jars. Nobody is using them anymore.

Bethesda recently revealed the recommended system requirements for The Evil Within, and they are brutal. The publisher obstinately refuses to offer minimum requirements, stating that if you run the game on anything less than the recommended system, then you’re on your own. It’s like the bloody Wild West.