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Free-to-play multiplayer FPS The Finals hits colossal milestone

Less than two weeks after its full release, game show style multiplayer FPS The Finals has surpassed the ten million player mark.

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Are you playing The Finals? Even if you aren’t, an awful lot of other people. Even though it’s less than two weeks since the full game launched, over ten million people have blasted their way through this free-to-play first-person shooter.

Multiplayer game The Finals is certainly pulling in the players. It only launched on December 8, after a brief October beta, and yet over ten million players have experienced this free-to-play online FPS game.

Sorry, did I say ‘players’? I meant contestants, since The Finals is presented as a game show, offering a sillier and even more over-the-top take than Apex Legends. It’s proven so popular that those wishing to try their luck had to deal with significant queues.

Does that mean it has an active player base of ten million? Not quite, though according to Steam Charts, more than 130,000 people have played it in the last 24 hours. That’s impressive for a game that’s less than two weeks old and developer Embark Studios will be doing its best to make sure it stays the distance.

Embark has recently released a new update for The Finals, which, aside from a range of quality of life improvements, also gives its Monaco map a snowy, seasonal update. It also rebalances the game though having the right The Finals build can give you a head start.

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The game has, however, proven slightly controversial due to its use of AI voice-acting, with some suggesting players skip the game entirely. I doubt that’s going to sink the game but it’s certainly led to a few raised eyebrows.

If you’re planning on jumping in, make sure you use the best The Finals PC settings. Or if you’re after a battle royale, which The Finals isn’t, here are the best battle royale games on PC.

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