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The First Descendant’s crossplay beta is now open to all

Nexon announces its The First Descendant crossplay beta will be open to all, as it’s delayed into September, with special rewards on offer for those who play.

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The First Descendant will hold a crossplay beta in September that’s open to all. If you’ve been curious about the upcoming free, third-person, looter-shooter co-op game seemingly inspired by the likes of Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter then you’ll soon have a chance to try it out. Anyone who takes part in The First Descendant open beta will also be able to grab some limited-edition beta rewards for the full game. You’ll also be able to check out some of the game’s early story with access to the prologue.

The First Descendant is a free-to-play, four-player co-op shooter where you and your pals will take on all manner of missions and giant boss fights. You’ll have the choice of various unique hero characters, each with their own specialities that draw from the likes of classic MMORPG roles – some specialize in damage, others excel at tanking, while some can debuff enemies with effects such as freeze.

The resulting combination bears some resemblance to the likes of Destiny 2 and Remnant 2, although there’s clearly parallels to be drawn to games such as Monster Hunter and even Borderlands. With three main weapons, four accessories, and even more sub-weapons and other items, you’ll be seeking out increasingly powerful gear to take on even more difficult missions and bring down the biggest foes.

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The First Descendant crossplay open beta dates and how to join

The First Descendant crossplay beta takes place Tuesday September 19 to Monday September 25, 2023 and is open to all players who register to take part on the Nexon website. It’s been pushed back from its originally planned schedule to allow more people to join.

Players will have access to a substantial prologue and can take part in eight Void Intercept Battle bosses with two new Void Intercept Battle maps. You’ll be able to play as 11 different Descendants and two ultimate Descendants, and explore the new cosmetic system and improved world missions.

You can register for The First Descendant crossplay beta here. Everyone who takes part will get a special emote, while those who reach Descendant level 20 will also be able to claim a back-attachment cosmetic at launch. The full list of updates and enhancements for the event can be seen below:

New Gameplay Content

  • 11 playable Descendants and two ultimate Descendants
  • 11 new ultimate weapons each with unique effects
  • 8 Void Intercept Battle bosses
  • 2 new Void Intercept Battle maps
  • New cosmetic system
  • Improved world missions
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Updated Narratives and Prologue

  • New additional storyline
  • A mysterious new map (The Sterile Land)

Quality-of-Life Improvements

  • Revamped grappling hook control and new parkour movements
  • New module (previously called rune) system
  • Improved jump motions
  • Improved gun sound effects
  • Updated UI, UX elements

Performance Enhancements

  • Improved frame rate performance
  • HDR and Nvidia DLSS 3 support
  • Utilizing latest Unreal Engine 5.2
  • Performance and quality modes for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

Open Beta Rewards

  • Available only to those who participate in the Open Beta
  • All participants will receive a limited-edition social motion
  • Reach Descendant level 20 to receive a back-attachment customization item at launch

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