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The Great Videogame Bake Off

Great Videogame Bake Off

Do you like cake? Do you hunger for tales of sabotage and criminal acts? Then you’ll love The Great Videogame Bake Off, a homage/rip-off of a beloved British reality TV show, where a variety of talented game characters compete with each other to bake the best cakes. 

You join us for the series finale at Aperture Labs, where just three bakers remain: robotic operating system GLaDOS from Portal, pirate Ork Kaptin Bluddflagg of Dawn of War 2 fame, and The Witcher’s very own Triss Merigold. For their final challenge, the trio are required to impress the judges with a very special bake that demonstrates their technical skills while also creating a show-stopping masterpiece.

To find out what happens, just play our incredible visual novel below!

We saw what you did, you monster. Talking of monsters, which nameless hellbeast from PC gaming are you?