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Baldur’s Gate 3 meets Darkest Dungeon in new Steam strategy game

Following nearly 19 months in early access, Steam tactical RPG The Iron Oath hits full release and blends BG3, Darkest Dungeon, and XCOM.

The Iron Oath - several adventurer sit around a campfire, surrounded by barrels, shields, and log piles.

If you’re looking for something to scratch the Baldur’s Gate 3 itch, new turn-based tactical RPG The Iron Oath might be just what you’re after. Having just launched following an extensive early access period since April 2022, this new Steam strategy game from Curious Panda and Humble Games brings party-based combat in the vein of games such as BG3, Darkest Dungeon, and XCOM 2 across the lands of a Game of Thrones style fantasy kingdom.

The Iron Oath puts you in charge of a band of mercenaries in the harsh medieval fantasy land of Caelum. Over the course of several years, you’ll hire new recruits, take on contracts for the various factions that span the land, and earn wealth and renown for your company. Drawing from some of the best turn-based RPGs such as Darkest Dungeon and XCOM, danger is around every corner, and a bad decision could devastate your party’s health or reputation.

Much like those games, in The Iron Oath you’ll need to assemble a hardy, capable crew with diverse skills to meet the various challenges in your path. With all manner of classic fantasy classes including warriors, rogues, and spellcasters, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for any eventuality – whether that be deadly monsters, rival factions, or perilous, trap-laden dungeons.

As mentioned, the story of The Iron Oath takes place over many years, and the world of Caelum will change and evolve dynamically – both on its own terms and in response to the decisions you make. Cities will fall or change hands, alliances will be made and broken, and as a mercenary band you’re well positioned to take advantage of these changes to undertake potentially profitable new opportunities, if you can handle the risks.

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The choices you make can land you in hot water, however – helping one faction achieve their goals will likely prove unpopular with others, meaning they’ll be unlikely to work with you or may even become actively hostile. Success in this harsh world naturally requires a little brutality, however, so be prepared to upset people. Just make sure you’re ready to deal with any potential consequences.

The Iron Oath is out now on Steam. It currently holds a ‘very positive’ Steam rating of 81% following its early access period, and its 1.0 release boasts the conclusion to its 25-30 hour main campaign (with “at least 40 hours of unique content” in total), a new region to explore, more unique and repeatable quests, and special high-level legendary gear. You can get your copy for $24.99 / £20.99.

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