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Inject even more footage of neon-noir The Last Night into your eyes

The Last Night platformer

When videogames take inspiration from Blade Runner they usually highlight its neon lights with clean lines and sterility. The Last Night stood out at Microsoft’s E3 conference for just how messy its cyber-junk city looked – the result of a world where AI do all the work and us humans have altogether too much free time.

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But there’s only so much you can gather from a minute-long trailer and a YouTube description. Thankfully, this extended look gives us a little more to go on.

If you were picking up point-and-click vibes from that sidelong view, you’re not far off the money. The Last Night is described as a “cinematic platformer” about action and infiltration, but will also feature adventure game-style puzzles.

Despite the name, The Last Night takes place across several days. And the decision to, say, break into an apartment in the light or the dark will change the kind of challenge you face. Police patrol more regularly at night, while neighbours are more alert in the day.

The developers also promise branching dialogue, and consequences for dismissing characters early in the game. It’s not a clear picture yet, but The Last Night’s neon world is starting to become more distinct. It’ll come to Windows 10 in 2018.