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How to fix the Return to Moria Great Forge of Narvi

The Great Forge of Narvi is essential to your progress in Lords of the Rings Return to Moria, but you’re going to need to fix it before you can go any further.

The Great Forge of Narvi in Lords of the Rings Return to Moria.

How do you fix the Great Forge of Narvi in Return to Moria? As you progress through the story in the survival game, you unlock new biomes, each with their own story, items, and more. Upon reaching the beautiful Elven Quarter in Return to Moria, you’re greeted by sunlight, bears, and Goblin Men, as well as the grand stone building that houses the Great Forge. To get it fired up though, you’ve got to get it working again.

There are plenty of small forges dotted around the rooms of Westgate, the mines, and other areas as you Return to Moria, but they can’t do what the Great Forge of Narvi can do. The Great Forge is located in the Elven Quarter, and you have to activate it to progress to the mines as you need to make a very specific new tool. With all of the ores, ingots, and tools you’ll have by now, you might want to know how to increase your Return to Moria inventory space as you gather resources in the crafting game – and then put them all to good use once you repair the Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria Great Forge of Narvi.

A player looks at the Return to Moria replacement pipe needed to fix the Great Forge of Narvi.

How to repair the Great Forge of Narvi

To fix The Great Forge of Narvi in Return to Moria:

  • Locate the replacement crank
  • Fit the replacement crank in front of the forge
  • Locate the replacement gear
  • Fit the replacement gear on the left hand side of the forge
  • Locate the replacement pipe
  • Fit the replacement pipe on the right hand side of the forge

Fixing the Return to Moria Great Forge doesn’t seem too hard at first glance, as you’re tasked with locating three parts and fitting them to the huge machine. However, once you get to the third and final broken part, things get a little harder.

The replacement crank can be located on the ground to the right hand side of the forge and is simple to fit, and the gear can be found on the ground below the location in which it must be fitted, on the left hand side of the forge. To get it there, just take the stairs under the nearby arch.

To fit the replacement pipe to the Great Forge of Narvi, you must first find it. Head back out of the building by taking the stairs on your left (as you are facing the exit), and the pipe is on the landing. Then, it’s a case of getting it where it needs to be – this is the hard part. As you carry the replacement pipe up the right-hand staircase of the forge itself, you find that they are broken and you can’t get all the way up. While carrying a heavy item, such as the pipe, you can’t climb or jump, so you need to find another way to get it up there.

The player stands before three platforms, leading up to where you must fix the Return to Moria Great Forge of Narvi.

We’ll tell you how we did it, but we’re not sure there isn’t an easier way, to be honest. Press ‘V’ to bring up the quick build platform option, and place a platform slightly higher than the level you’re on. Then, place another slightly lower than the level you’re trying to get to. Finally, you should be able to place one more platform between the two, oriented perpendicular to the others – get it closer to the bottom platform than the top, so it’s a small step. This should allow you to walk to the middle platform while holding the replacement pipe.

From here, if you can’t get onto the third platform, stand right up against it and swap an item into your hand, causing you to drop the replacement pipe. It should land on the top platform, at which point you can climb to it and place it. This is almost definitely not the way you’re intended to replace the pipe, but it worked for us. You may be able to find another way, but this should work if you’re struggling. See the image above for our exact platform placement.

Hopefully this helps you lug that great pipe up to where it needs to be, and the fires of the Return to Moria Great Forge of Narvi will be roaring away in no time. Alongside the pickaxe you need to mine further through the Western Halls, you can use the Great Forge to craft new weapons, shields, and even a Steel Hammer, required for finding Return to Moria armor recipes in the survival game, which go some way to help against those pesky bears and wolves.