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Lords of the Fallen’s dual-wield dropkick bucket is incredible

You can wield a wooden bucket in new soulslike Lords of the Fallen, and I can see the challenge runs starting to rival Dark Souls already.

Lords of the Fallen bucket: A man in his underpants doing a dropkick while holding a bucket

Not only is The Dual-Wielding Dropkick Buckets an excellent name for a Ska punk band, it’s also the name I’ve just coined for a Lords of the Fallen character build that might be the soulslike’s answer to Dark Souls 2 ladle runs. I have no other way I can explain this than to tell you there’s a wooden bucket weapon in the new Hexworks game, and that you can do dropkicks with it.

I like Lords of the Fallen. While it copies the original Dark Souls in a few too many ways, developer Hexworks has a handful of truly inventive original ideas that I think carry the soulslike game on its own merit. I said as much in my Lords of the Fallen review, but when I was writing it I had no idea the game had a broken wooden bucket weapon and that you could do full-on dropkicks with it.

Here’s the deal, if you pick the Condemned class at the start of the game (it’s the one right at the bottom of all your choices) you don’t start the game with much. Just some armor, your healing items, a throwing rock (yes, really), and a broken wooden bucket.

Lords of the Fallen bucket: the Condemned class in Lords of the Fallen

In the true spirit of Dark Souls I stripped my guy down to his undies and started using the bucket, very quickly realizing that if you go to two-hand it, you end up dual-wielding the bucket with an extra one from out of nowhere, Ninja Turtle style. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or a workaround for the fact that you can’t really use two hands with one small bucket, but I love it all the same.

As of right now, I can’t say if the bucket build will have the same staying power as a Dark Souls broken sword run, but Lords of the Fallen bucket players are cropping up. It channels the possibilities of player styles, and I just hope we add it to the best Lords of the Fallen weapons list we’ve got going.

Lords of the Fallen bucket: a man just in his underpants fighting a boss with two wooden buckets

The bucket, especially in dual-wield, actually does okay damage too, so I’ll have to keep playing and see what the upgrade possibilities are because I really want to see how far I can take it.

If you’re just getting into LOTF or thinking of picking it up, we’ve already broken down the best Lords of the Fallen classes depending on your playstyle, alongside a look at Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus, if you want to give your game some spice.