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Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus guide

Here's everything you need to know about the Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus mode as well as the items and spells that you get to keep.

Lords of the Fallen: The player is grabbed by a heavily armored knight.

Does Lords of the Fallen have New Game Plus? Hexworks soulslike takes you to the ravaged world of Mournstead, where nefarious creatures, both living and undead, await. At the end of this harrowing journey, you’ll get your just rewards, and you might even be tempted to kickstart another adventure.

Our Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus guide discusses what you can expect when you finish the campaign and begin another playthrough. Bear in mind that things will get tougher from here on out, so you might want to know about the Lords of the Fallen multiplayer options and Lords of the Fallen crossplay features.

How to start Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus

You can unlock the Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus mode by obtaining any of the game’s three unique endings:

  • Radiant: This involves cleansing all the beacons.
  • Rhogar: This requires you to avoid cleansing the beacons.
  • Umbral: This is part of a lengthy quest chain where you enter a hidden area in the Umbral, followed by using Seedpods to slay specific NPCs.

Should you immediately switch to New Game Plus mode?

Upon completing your initial run through the campaign, you’ll watch a cutscene that shows your character’s fate. You’re then asked if you wish to try New Game +1 (i.e. NG+1). We advise rejecting this prompt for now since this will overwrite your current save.

Instead, you should explore the rest of Mournstead at your leisure to acquire items that you missed out on, as well as purchase Lords of the Fallen boss items from Remembrances. You can always start your NG+1 playthrough by interacting with any vestige waypoint in the game.

Moreover, if you feel that the Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus mode just isn’t clicking for you, you can always make a backup save prior to starting it. Start by navigating to the following folder: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\LOTF2\Saved\SaveGames. Then create copies of these .sav files: GeneralSave, GeneralSaveBackup, Save00, and SaveBackup. Whenever you want to return to your post-campaign clear, just place your backup files to overwrite those in the SaveGames folder.

Lords of the Fallen: An onscreen prompt is shown asking if the player wants to switch the New Game Plus mode.

What carries over in New Game Plus?

Starting your Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus campaign allows you to keep almost everything you’ve amassed in your previous playthrough. Examples include:

  • All gear pieces and consumable items: Weapons, armor, shields, ranged weapons, catalysts, ammo, salts, resistance flasks, and more.
  • Stats: You’ll still retain your character’s level and stats.
  • Currencies: You’ll still have your Vigor currency and Umbral Scourings that weren’t spent beforehand.
  • Spells: Every spell you’ve obtained or bought will still be in your inventory.
  • Upgraded tools: You retain all the upgrades to your weapons, Sanguinarix flask, and Umbral Lamp.
  • Upgrade materials: You still keep your Delarium Ores, Blacksmith Runes, Umbral Eyes, and Rebirth Chrysalis (i.e. respec item).
  • Cosmetic items: All the gestures and tincts (i.e. armor color palettes) you’ve discovered will be kept.

The player’s inventory is shown highlighting the Rebirth Chrysalis respec item.

What doesn’t carry over in New Game Plus?

However, you do lose a few things, and there are some notable changes, too:

  • Quest items and keys: Everything in the Quest/Upgrade materials tab will be gone, except for your Umbral Lamp, Rebirth Chrysalis, Umbral Scourings, and Delirium Ores. As such, you need to reacquire keys and other quest items in your next journey.
  • NPC functions and additional shop items: You still need to hand over select items to NPCs to unlock additional functions. For instance, you have to give the Bowl of Remembrance to Molhu so you can exchange Remembrance boss items. Likewise, you have to rescue Gerlinde and give her Rune Tablets to see additional wares.
  • Remembrances: You need to defeat Heresy bosses once more to obtain their Remembrances. As such, it’s better to spend all the Umbral Scourings on all the boss items and spells that you want during your first campaign prior to beginning your New Game Plus run.
  • Tougher enemies: The enemies in the game are more resistant to damage and certain elements/status effects, and they tend to have higher HP.
  • Destroyed vestiges: Vestige waypoints, other than the one in the Skyrest hub, now appear destroyed. This means you won’t be able to interact with them in the Axiom Realm. Instead, you’re given a handful of Vestige Seeds, which can then create the usual Seedling-type waypoints. This can be a huge hassle since you can only acquire Vestige Seeds from Sinner boss drops or by spending Vigor to purchase them from Molhu in the Skyrest hub. Likewise, you need to be mindful of when you’ll create Seedlings due to their questionable placements, and because making a new one will overwrite the previous waypoint.

A player bedecked in high-end weapons and armor waits as a three-headed dragon breathes fire on them.

In any case, these are the factors that you need to prepare for if you want to try the Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus playthrough. The challenge ramps up considerably due to increased difficulty and lack of permanent vestige waypoints, but you might find this endeavor more rewarding.

Moreover, you can attempt to unlock the endings that you did not obtain during your initial campaign run. If you’re curious about how long a single playthrough might take, you can check our guide on the Lords of the Fallen length. We’ve also got lists of the best Lords of the Fallen builds and Lords of the Fallen weapons to collect.