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2023’s top soulslike hits Game Pass, drops huge new update

Lords of the Fallen has just received a big gameplay update called Clash of Champions, and you can try it out on Game Pass right now.

A monster in Lords of the Fallen

If you missed out on 2023’s top soulslike or you just want to dive back in for some more tough-as-mettle action, you’re in luck, as Lords of the Fallen has just been added to PC and Xbox Game Pass. Even better, a free content update called Clash of Champions has also just dropped, giving players the “ultimate challenge” with two boss rush modes to try out.

Although it received a mixed response at launch, our Lords of the Fallen review calls it an “enjoyably grimdark soulslike,” noting the heavy inspiration from the iconic Dark Souls series, so fans of those games will be right at home here. Developer Hexworks has also released plenty of updates over the last several months, meaning Lords of the Fallen has received quite a bit of love and attention since it first came out.

Now, the hit soulslike game has even more to enjoy thanks to the freshly-baked Clash of Champions update. This free content drop introduces two boss rush modes: Echoes of Battle lets you revisit individual boss battles, while Crucible challenges you to defeat six bosses in a row without dying, which sounds like it’ll be a nightmare (in the best way). There are some nice rewards for victory, too, including Shrine Currency and new armor tincts.

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Lords of the Fallen is available on PC and Xbox Game Pass now, and you can watch a trailer for the Clash of Champions update above.

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