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This underrated horror game is at lowest-ever price on Steam today

The Medium didn't make many best-of lists, but at a heavily discounted Steam price, it's easy to recommend this horror game to PC players.

The Meidum: a woman is submerged in liquid by hands

The underrated horror game The Medium is at its lowest-ever price on Steam right now. Giving it a spin at a whopping 60% off is well worth the risk. It might not be the most universally beloved spooky experience, but there’s a lot here for narrative-first players to delve into, and its quirks make it stand out against similar games.

The Medium is down to $19.99 from $44.38, and the deluxe version of the game is 60% off too — the expanded version of the horror game includes the core game, atmospheric original soundtrack, and a digital copy of The Art of The Medium. The deal ends on March 7, 2024.

Originally released in January 2021 to a mixed reception, the game has mostly very positive reviews on Steam, so PC players seem to be enjoying it in the years since it came out on Xbox. Developed and Published by Bloober Team, the port lets you experience The Medium’s cinematic and topsy-turvy world.

The game invites players to solve a dark mystery while playing as a medium protagonist. In an abandoned resort, you use unique psychic abilities to uncover deeply unsettling secrets. There are also dual-reality puzzles and ominous spirits to contend with while exploring two realities simultaneously.

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The Medium’s criticism mostly stemmed from players who felt it was too slow and relied on the gimmick of being able to explore two versions of the world. That means it’s probably better suited to those who prefer unfurling mysteries at a leisurely pace while taking in decrepit environments. If you spend a lot of time in Silent Hill taking in the scenery (gross as it is) and carefully reading all those clue notes, you might like The Medium.

PCGamesN gave it 6/10, saying, “Bloober Team does well to keep things taut all the way to the end, but there’s a frustrating amount of untapped potential beneath its gameplay gimmicks and art direction.”

You can access the deal on the official Steam store page. We’ve got a The Medium review if you’d like to get more details before picking it up, or you can check out the best adventure games.

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