How to solve The Medium’s clock puzzle in Thomas’s office

A quick guide on how to solve the tricky clock puzzle in Thomas's office

An office in dual-reality with one half decaying and the other realistic

Trying to solve the clock puzzle in Thomas’s office in The Medium? As you manoeuvre between realities in Bloober’s latest horror game, there are some tricky puzzles to overcome. The clock puzzle is particularly tough, as it requires resetting a clock and interacting with spirits in the room. There are few steps here, so let’s dig in.

First, you need to locate Thomas (the hotel manager) in the Niwa Hotel, but instead you’ll find his office has been turned upside down and he’s nowhere in sight. Still, there’s plenty to investigate. Start by inspecting the broken desk to retrieve a flashlight and a small key.

This moves us onto solving the clock puzzle itself, which allows you to gain access to a hidden room behind Thomas’s office. You may have spotted the imposing grandfather clock on the wall; the key you just collected fits into the small lock which opens the case, so you can control the dials and rewind time in the spirit world in order to uncover more clues.

How to access the hidden room in Thomas’s office

Here are the steps you need to follow to complete the clock puzzle in The Medium:

  • Dial the clock hands back until Thomas’s outline appears in the spirit world
  • In the spirit world, interact with Thomas to gather the information you need
  • Repeat this again, by returning to the clock and turning the hands back until Thomas appears
  • Again, interact with Thomas’s outline and then return to the clock
  • This time when you dial the hands back, a spirit well appears on the desk which Marianne can absorb
  • Turn the clock back one last time until you see Thomas hovering by a bookcase with an outstretched arm
  • Go to the cabinet and use Insight to reveal a button, which needs power
  • Use spirit Marianne to trigger an out of body experience and enter the room where there’s a fuse box – simply use the spirit energy to power it and you’ll be able to access to room

Now you can continue your dual-reality journey with the clock puzzle in The Medium conquered. If you love The Medium’s storytelling and puzzles, check out the best story games on PC.