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Multiplayer horror The Outlast Trials gets release date on Steam, Epic

Multiplayer horror game The Outlast Trials gets an early access release date on Steam and Epic, adding co-op survival to one of the scariest game series on PC.

The Outlast Trials release date - a doctor and their assistants peer at the viewer over their face masks. They are lit by a soft green light in the darkness, like that of a night-vision camera.

If you love a spot of co-op horror, then you’ll be pleased to hear that The Outlast Trials release date has been set, and it’s not too long until the multiplayer follow-up to two of the scariest horror games on PC arrives in early access on Steam and the Epic Games store. Following the success of its first two games, developer Red Barrels reveals exactly when you’ll be able to work together to try and survive Murkoff’s Trials.

The Outlast Trials is the third entry in the Outlast series, and sees you take control of “human guinea pigs involuntarily recruited by the good folks at the Murkoff Corporation to test advanced methods of brainwashing and mind control.” In contrast to the previous games, The Outlast Trials features more distinct RPG game elements, with a choice of classes that offer different skills to help you and your teammates survive.

These abilities include being able to see nearby enemies through walls, healing allies, placing down mines that can blind enemies, and throwing out a stun device that can distract your foes. Don’t expect Left 4 Dead, however; this is still a survival game at heart, and stealth and evasion are your most important tools. If playing with others isn’t your thing, Red Barrels says that players can still experience everything alone – although the game is definitely built with cooperative play in mind.

The Outlast Trials release date is May 18 on Steam and Epic. The game will initially be released in early access, meaning that you can expect additional features to be introduced over time following the game’s launch. The announcement comes alongside a delightful trailer that gives players a glimpse behind the curtain, showing off several of the game’s voice cast screaming and gurgling their hearts out in wonderfully enthusiastic fashion.

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If you want to keep a closer eye on just how the horrors are shaping up, you can wishlist The Outlast Trials on Steam or the Epic Games store.

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