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93% positive rated survival horror gets game-changing content update

The Outlast Trials’ Toxic Shock update floods the horror chambers with new MK-Challenges, gaseous modifiers, cosmetic items and bug fixes.

The Outlast Trials Steam horror game update: A survivor from Steam horror game The Outlast Trials

Launched into 1.0 just last month, The Outlast Trials bravely asks the question: ‘What if you took the horrific monstrosities and suffering of Outlast, and put it all into a multiplayer co-op experience?’ The answer is one of the best horror games to release recently, testing your skills to survive and your mental stability to stay calm amidst the nightmarish titual trials you’ll be put through. And as of today, it’s received its first content drop in the form of the Toxic Shock update.

The star of The Outlast Trials’ Toxic Shock update is the eponymous gas, a variator that can now sporadically flood the trial environments, dealing permanent damage to you and your fellow teammates amidst your attempts to stay alive in the survival game. There’s also now an unfortunate family of experimented-on rats for you to collect in the interest of additional rewards added as part of the update. For the bravest among us, there is also a collection of evidence documents carelessly scattered around the trial environments to uncover lore on the Toxic Shock program itself – just don’t run out of breath.

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Elsewhere, the update also adds two new MK-Challenges, named ‘Tilt The Scales Of Justice’ and ‘Sabotage the Factory’, which pits the survivors against the corruption of wealth and the Murkoff Corporation itself respectively, switching up the objectives of the existing trials.

Finally, the update also adds a bevy of toxic-themed cosmetics such as player skins, night vision goggles and player icons, so you can look your best while you suffocate to death. You can check out The Outlast Trials and the new update right here. The Toxic Shock update and accompanying game modes are available from Tuesday April 16 to Tuesday May 7.

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