Square Enix’s strange FMV game launches in November, at a budget price

Square Enix has dropped a bunch of new information about its frankly absurd-looking live-action/game hybrid, The Quiet Man, including a release date that is surprisingly close.

The game will launch on Steam on November 01, with the budget price tag of £14.99 ($14.99 if you’re in the US, because exchange rates don’t exist any more).

The short blurb provided in the press release describes the game as, stop me if you’ve heard this one before, “an immersive story-driven cinematic action experience” with a story that unravels over a single night, and is designed to be completed in one sitting. From this, it’s safe to assume that the overall playtime can’t be more than three to four hours.

Players will step into the shoes of Dane, as he fights his way to discover the motives behind the kidnapping of songstress Lala (no relation to the Teletubby), by a mysterious masked man. From the glimpses of gameplay we have gotten so far, this looks like it will largely take the form of third-person beat ’em up combat mixed in with rather cheap-looking FMV story sequences.

Those who purchase on Steam from November 1 to 15 will receive a 10% discount and a set of seven desktop and mobile wallpapers.

As enticing as that is, it’s not going to much to assuage the concerns of many fans, who have been perplexed by the game since its out-of-left-field reveal at E3 earlier this year. The Quiet Man has been developed by Human Head Studios, who are best known for creating the original Prey, but haven’t worked on much of note since.

In many ways, The Quiet Man most closely resembles another oddball Square title The Bouncer. The Bouncer was also a cinematic beat ’em up, which was known for its impressive graphics, short running time, and laughable attempts at telling a ‘street-smart’ story.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one, with our brows sufficiently furrowed.