Satisfying Steam game is PowerWash Sim meets your dad’s favorite show

The Repair House is a blend of PowerWash Sim and restoration shows like The Repair Shop, and it’s coming out soon on Steam with a demo you can play now.

The Repair House - a broken arcade cabinet sits in the middle of a disheveled workshop, tools strewn on the floor around it.

The Repair House is a game I’m now realizing I’ve wanted for years, and now that it’s here I’m astonished it didn’t arrive sooner. Blending the soothing, satisfying feeling of the most relaxing games like PowerWash Simulator and House Flipper with one of the very best shows on TV, British restoration series The Repair Shop, The Repair House is a new Steam game that’s out very soon – and you can play it right now, thanks to a demo.

Coming from Claudiu Kiss, the original creator of PC Building Simulator, and Quantum Logic Games, The Repair House tasks you with cleaning up, fixing, and generally restoring all manner of household objects to their best states. There’s musical instruments, antiques, jukeboxes, arcade cabinets, furniture, toys – you name it, it’s probably in here.

While the ‘take things apart, clean them, and put them back together’ genre is certainly pretty heavily loaded, The Repair House captures the real ‘spotting disheveled treasure at a flea market’ vibe of shows like The Repair Shop.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching the beloved BBC TV series before, which has aired on both Netflix and Discovery in the US, it’s a household favorite in the UK. People can bring in all manner of old toys, heirlooms, and other objects to have them professionally restored by experts – think American Restoration, but with more of a focus on household items and antiques.

The Repair House also comes from reliable hands in the genre – PC Building Simulator is so good, it gave us an outlet to explore our PC-building creativity without spending money that we didn’t have. That, combined with my love for the real mish-mash potential of having to deal with all manner of different objects as they come, makes this one a must-play for me.

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If you’re eager to try it yourself, there’s great news. The Repair Shop releases on Steam on July 19, so you won’t have to wait long to get stuck in and start meticulously filing, scrubbing, and polishing all those items to their former glory. If even that’s too long to wait, there’s a demo of The Repair Shop available via Steam right now. Don’t forget your spudger!

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