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Forgotten open-world classic suddenly returns to Steam, for $5

Sure, Command and Conquer is cool, but EA's best classic game ever, The Saboteur, has also launched on Steam, and it's currently $5.

A black and white videogame character smoking a cigarette, wearing a 1940s style hat with a bright red building behind him on a dark black and white street

There are some games that I consider an integral part of my childhood gaming career, and The Saboteur is one of them. I credit Pandemic Studios’ WWII epic and, of course, LA Noire, with my love of wartime history, and would argue that each contributed to my decision to pursue a Master’s in War Studies later in life. But, while I have two copies of LA Noire, my Xbox 360 has long since given up the ghost and I haven’t been able to step into Sean Devlin’s dirty shoes for some time. That hiatus, however, ends now.

Alongside the likes of Command and Conquer and SimCity, EA dropped a whole slew of classic, old games on Steam on Thursday, March 7. There’s Dungeon Keeper, Alpha Centuri – the works, but the standout for me is, of course, The Saboteur.

You’re thrust into the bowels of 1940s Paris, which is currently under Nazi control. Your target is Kurt Dierker, the Nazi colonel who killed your best friend, and you’ll stop at nothing to see him six feet under.

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Banding together with the French resistance movement, you’ll be exploring the back alleys of Paris, planting bombs, and even sniping from the top of the Eiffel Tower, as well as a stunning recreation of Notre Dame.

But, a city is nothing without its people. As you consistently throw all manner of wrenches into the Nazi war machine, Paris’ population will rally behind you. Not only will they be more willing to help you, as rebellion takes root the game’s entire color scheme will transition from a murky black and white to full color – something that, for me, made it so very special.

A black and white images with red splashing lights of a man in a long coat and hat, with a bag slung over his shoulder, looking at a building with Nazi flags

It’s been 15 years since The Saboteur launched, and it’s now finally available on Steam – yes, really. There’s an introductory offer on, too, so it currently sits at 50% off, bringing the price down to a mere $4.99 / £4.49. $5 for one of the best war games ever? I’d argue that’s quite the bargain – if you don’t believe me, pick it up here before Thursday March 21.

Alternatively, if you’ve already helped liberate Paris, we have a list of other open-world games, some of which are perhaps a little less war-torn and depressing. Or, if you’re looking for a few more cheap deals, we have a rundown of all the best free Steam games that won’t even cost you a penny.

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