Suda 51’s remake of The Silver Case gets its first trailer, slated for autumn release

Suda 51 silver case

The first glimpse of Suda 51’s remake of The Silver Case has surfaced, boasting a new art-style, a remix by Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka and an autumn 2016 release date. The reworked Playstation One game was the first title developed by Suda 51’s studio Grasshopper Manufacture, who are best known for Killer7, No More Heroes and Killer is Dead.

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Coming to Steam and Playism, The Silver Case is a visual novel and as such contains only limited gameplay, namely quizzes, mini-games and puzzles. Check out the trailer below.

Set in the fictitious 24 Wards area of Japan, players assume control of a detective and journalist who are separately investigating a case that matches the profile of a serial killer, Kamui Uehara. Uehara was was supposedly shot and killed by a high-ranking murder division detective many years ago. The remake is also the first English-language version of The Silver Case.

Thanks, Eurogamer.