This Sims 4 build is a working Binley Mega Chippy

Sims fan Plumbella has made a working The Sims 4 build of Coventry's premier dining experience the Binley Mega Chippy - and yes, it really serves fish and chips

This fan made Binley Mega Chippy as a The Sims 4 build

A fan of EA’s premier life game has recreated Coventry’s finest eating establishment, the Binley Mega Chippy, as a working The Sims 4 build. It’s not just for show, either, as it’s a proper functional restaurant in the building game – which only serves fish and chips, of course, sans the long queue of TikTok users.

The Binley Mega Chippy recreation is the work of Sims content creator Plumbella who, amongst many other creations, also created their own version of Love Island a while back. Now they’re back with another hot property the British public loves – fish and chips. More specifically, a Sims 4 build of TikTok and meme star the Binley Mega Chippy.

If you can’t make the pilgrimage to Coventry in person, you can download the town’s ultimate food experience on The Sims 4 gallery website. It’s a proper working restaurant for The Sims 4, with a size of 30 x 20 tiles and a cost just shy of 60,000 Simoleons – which sounds a little cheap now, given the chippy’s sudden popularity.

It’s a pretty darn close approximation, for sure. Takeaway only, no toilets, seems about right. Check it out below.

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