Cowa-bunker: The Sims 4 update introduces deep-down basements

The Sims 4

Maxis and EA have named the first Sims 4 expansion Get to Work, which seems a tad exclusionary given that its Traits system allows for sims who are chronically lazy. What becomes of them, come April?

Well: the most recent Sims 4 patch lets the feckless retreat still further into the earth - expanding their basements two levels down to create the “ultimate in underground excellence”.

You’ll find the Basement Tool in the Build list, next to Walls. You’re now free to attempt ambitious levels of landscaping not seen since the management games of the ‘90s.

“An additional above ground floor is available for a total of 4 up and 2 down,” point out EA. “For the mathematically challenged, that is SIX FLOORS!”

The next-most exciting stuff is nothing to do with you and your plans. Sims you’re not playing now have their own jobs, which you can ask them about during interactions. And then, later, you can find out where and when they work on the Relationship panel. Which isn’t creepy. At. All.

Full patch notes reside on the next page. In a big hole. Have any of you lot simmed much lately?

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Mctittles avatar
Mctittles Avatar
2 Years ago

Wow! Is there no end to their programming genius. Six floors!