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Sims 4 CC hair gets Maxis Match Disney Dreamlight Valley crossover

A new Sims 4 CC hair pack adds Maxis Match styles from Disney Dreamlight Valley as EA’s life game gets a crossover with the Gameloft, Pixar Animal Crossing-like

Sims 4 CC hair gets Maxis Match Disney Dreamlight Valley crossover: A red-haired Sim poses in front of a starry background in the EA life game

A new Sims 4 CC hair pack brings some Disney Dreamlight Valley, Maxis Match styles to the EA life game, heralding a new crossover with the Gameloft and Pixar Animal Crossing-like.

Available now, Disney Dreamlight Valley hairstyles sit seamlessly on your Sims’ scalps thanks to proper Maxis Match integration, meaning they will suit all characters and all outfits without looking at all out of place visually. The new hair designs are inspired by the various customisation options found in DDV, so if you’ve spent hours perfecting your character ready to roam the titular Dreamlight Valley, and want to bring some of that Disney magic over to The Sims 4, this one is for you.

Created by jo_se_oh, the styles vary from swish but standard well-kept haircuts to vibrant and colourful cartoon designs like “Alice”, which comes in bright pink but can be customised with a few neat accessories. Each cut can be altered to have any colour you might like, and you can download each of them individually, meaning that once you’ve picked out a favourite, you can add it to your Sims 4 game without needing to download the entire roster.

It gives you the chance to forge your own intricate head canon, whereby your beloved Sim is also your adventurer in DDV, and vice-versa. You can get the styles right now on jo_se_oh’s Patreon.

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