Class is in session in the latest Sims 4 expansion pack

The newest Sims 4 expansion, High School Years, sends you back to school, but with new fashion items and ideal hangout spots and meaningful work

Hot on the heels of the Werewolf pack, there’s a new Sims 4 expansion coming, and sooner than you might think. The Sims 4 High School Years is coming to the  life sim on PC via Origin and Steam, along with consoles, on July 28 for $39.99, giving you a chance to live your high school fantasy  or nightmare) with several new locations and activities, along with an expanded set of fashion options.

“The Sims 4 High School Years takes players on a journey of growth to tell personal stories of self-discovery and the drama of being a teenager,” George Pigula, the expansion’s lead producer, says. “Sims will learn to juggle school and extracurricular events, form lifelong friends, and experience big moments like prom. High school is an incredibly formative time, and we wanted to give players the chance to create and customize their own, personalized high school experiences before their Sims reach young adulthood.”

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The Sims worked with Depop to bring a selection of fashion items into High School Years from sellers Jeremy Salazar, Sha’an D’Antes, Lapoze McTribouy, Selena Williams and Bella McFadden.

Your budding Sim can also get a job at the local thrift store-meets-boba-tea-joint ThrifTea and start a shop on the new Trendi app to earn extra Simoleons and become a Simfluencer. EA promises the prom experience is highly customizable too, giving you complete control over your Sim’s perfect night.

In addition to Copperdale High School and ThrifTea, the new expansion includes Plumbite Pier, the ideal hangout spot to while away the weekend with restaurants, rides, and arcades.

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