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The Sims 4’s latest expansion kit is giving people googly eyes

Bought The Sims 4's Goth Galore Kit and noticed something's off? It's not just eye shadow, the kit introduces a strange eye-enlarging bug.

A group of goths standing around in The Sims 4

The Sims 4’s Goth Galore Kit is the latest piece of paid DLC to be added to this social sim. But if you’ve been exploring the dark side and noticed there’s something strange about your characters, you’re not imagining it. The kit introduces a bizarre but noticeable bug that enlarges Sims’ eyes.

Want to a buy a cursed hoodie? No? I don’t blame you, but one such item has been unintentionally bundled with life game The Sims 4’s recently-released Goth Galore Kit. And Sims fans are starting to notice that something’s not quite right.

As confirmed by EA, the hoodie literally enlarges your Sims’s eyes. Spotted by several The Sims 4 players, donning this item of clothing gives them a just perceptible case of googly eyes. Removing it restores the eyes to their normal size and, to further complicate things, it’s reported as only affecting female sims. 

It’s a thoroughly evil bug, not because it harms your Sims, but because you just know some players have been scratching their heads, wondering what was going on. ‘Is.. is that just eyeshadow or… no, I’ve got to be imagining it’. Perhaps they thought they’d installed a The Sims 4 mod and forgotten about it.

The Sims 4, with a comparison of a character's eyes.

But, no, it’s real and EA knows about it. “Our team is aware of the hoodie in the Goth Galore Kit enlarging Sims eyes when worn,” the official The Sims Support Account tweeted. EA has promised that it’ll deliver a fix as soon as possible. Till then, the eyes have it.

If you’re thinking of downloading the core free-to-play game, make sure you check The Sims 4’s system requirements. And if you’re thinking of taking it on the go, here’s what you need to know about The Sims 4 on Steam Deck.

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