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The Sims 4 Grim Reaper romance has fans feeling down bad for Death

The Sims 4's Grim Reaper can be romanced if you're persistent enough, but one players quest for love has others highlighting their lonely love for Death

:death looking at his betrothed, blushing

Without any The Sims 4 mods, a player has managed to romance, sleep with, and get the Grim Reaper to ask them to be their Sim’s girlfriend, because the life game is just weird like that. Strange opportunities regarding The Sims 4 Grim Reaper aren’t anything new, but it’s still very funny to see some success, which has left others lamenting their lack of love from the personification of Death.

The Sims 4 Grim Reaper shows up to take away a recently deceased Sim, with you able to use other Sims traits in an attempt to get them back. One of the options, funnily enough, is to flirt with the Grim Reaper in an attempt to get on their good side. The Sims 4 also allows you to add the Grim Reaper to your household, although he’s notoriously picky when looking for love.

This what Reddit user Doryy00 has found, and not only is the prospect of the Grim Reaper asking a Sim to be their girlfriend hilarious, it appears to have brought players out of the woodwork who are down bad for Death.

What’s next for Doryy00 and Death? Well they’ve outlined how they want a certain someone to propose. “All while reaping my Sim’s partners that suspiciously died,” responds Doryy00 to someone saying the Grim Reaper stole their Sim’s heart, making it sound like they’ve been killing their Sims to get some sort of sadistic meet cute with Death.

“I’m just hoping that he will ask my sim to marry, since it seems there is no other way for it to happen, I’ll guess I’ll keep discussing marriage with him. I wonder once they get engaged if I can actually marry him and add him to the family that way.”

If this romcom for the ages also has you hooked, don’t worry as Doryy00 says Death threw a party, but adds there were “unfortunately no skeletons, just some chicks.”

Now then, this has also unlocked a fantasy a lot of players may not realise they previously had, as they all start complaining about the Grim Reaper rejecting them.

“I had my sim flirt with him and he said he wasn’t interested in me :(,” says one player. “How do you guys do this? I can’t ever do more than plead for a life and then he just leaves,” adds another.

So, how do you romance the Grim Reaper in The Sims 4? It’s simple: the High School Years expansion and a whole lot of patience. Use the Social Bunny app from the expansion, and in the words of Doryy00, you then “Just keep sending flirty messages and friendly ones. He can’t reject you.” If this thread interests you, you can find out all the details and reactions on Reddit.

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