Life By You is the perfect Sims 5 competitor ahead of Project Rene

Life By You is the new simulation game from former The Sims boss Rod Humble and studio Paradox Tectonic, with a full reveal taking place very soon.

Life By You is the perfect Sims competitor ahead of Project Rene

Ahead of The Sims 5 release date, former The Sims boss Rod Humble has announced his newest game, as Paradox Tectonic is making simulation game Life By You, with an in-depth announcement show coming very soon.

A full Life By You announcement stream with Rod Humble will be taking place on March 20, so be sure to check back in to get all the newest info on the sim game.

You can see the Life By You teaser below.

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Sadly though, that’s it so far for what may just be a big The Sims competitor, we’ll have to wait to hear more about the game.

If you do want more though, we talked with Paradox Tectonic’s Rod Humble back in 2020 all about what would later be revealed as Life By You.

“We’re mirroring what Paradox is about, which is making games that respect the intelligence of the audience, and which also embrace mods,” Humble told PCGamesN at the time. “Although mods can sound kind of scary sometimes, what it means is creativity and openness. So our game mirrors that philosophy, and it’s very much what our studio, Tectonic, is dedicated to in all our projects.

Humble added that he and the team have been “going in from day one knowing that our aim is to make a very, very gameplay-rich game” as well.

We do have a look at the best life games available right now on PC if The Sims doesn’t scratch that itch while you wait for more news on Life By You.