This Sims 4 mod lets you play with Geralt of Rivia

A popular new Sims 4 mod adds a pint-sized Geralt action figure to your inventory, and we're impressed with just how good it looks

If you’ve ever thought “wow, wouldn’t it be nice to have a tiny Geralt of Rivia sitting in my kitchen or resting on the nightstand, watching me sleep” then this Sims 4 mod is your dream come true. “Geralt of Rivia Toy Action Figure” does exactly what it says on the package and adds a mini-Geralt action figure to your Sims house or wherever you feel like putting him in the life sim. It’s an impressively rendered creation from Estgamers with a high level of detail, 4K assets, and over 9,000 polygons, the description says, and the figure depicts a shirtless Geralt with including his iconic double swords and starting outfit from the game – well, minus the shirt, obviously.


It wouldn’t be much of an action figure if you couldn’t interact with it. The description doesn’t say what specifically you can do with it, but seeing as it’s a fully articulated action figure – in the sense that it has working joints, not that it speaks – we imagine the interactions involve moving Geralt’s tiny arms and legs into proper action-y Witcher stances.

There are surprisingly few Witcher mods on NexusMods for The Sims 4, even with the Netflix adaptation’s popularity. If you didn’t feel like dressing as Geralt or Triss, you were a bit out of luck for Witcher options, outside of getting a bit inventive with the vampire and werewolf packs.

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