Multiple Sims developers have been let go


Several veteran developers who worked on The Sims 4 – some since the series’ inception at Maxis – have been let go by publishers EA or moved to The Sims mobile division.

Did you know Maxis used mimes to animate The Sims?

Last week, designer Daniel Hiatt announced he was leaving Maxis EA. Hiatt did not explain whether he was let go, or voluntarily left his position.

However, an inside source has confirmed to PCGamesN that Hiatt was laid off alongside 15 to 20 other Maxis EA staff members.

Producer Michael Duke, who led development of The Sims 4 on console, also recently changed his LinkedIn description to say he is “leading the development of a new mobile title.”

When panicked fans asked about the change, Duke assured them he is still working on the console team but it’s “no longer my sole focus.” When asked whether he had moved to The Sims mobile, Duke revealed he is working on a new Maxis project on mobile.

The Sims mobile’s community manager also took to Twitter to reassure fans she wasn’t going anywhere, and that The Sims will continue for many more years. Back in 2014 Sims 4 producer Grant Rodiek said that there would not be another Sims game if The Sims 4 did not do well (via PCGamer).

Sims VIP speculates that the staff layoffs are due to a move to mobile for The Sims 5 but this is something we’ve been unable to confirm. We asked EA for comment on Friday and they have not yet responded, will update this article if we learn anything new.