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The Sims 4's pool-shaped gap has been filled

The Sims 4 pools

When Maxis revealed that there would be a pool-shaped gap in The Sims 4, there was much sadness. Indeed, the tears from pool-lovers everywhere could have filled several hundred Olympic-sized swimming pools.

That dry period is now over, though and our poor Sims can now cool themselves off in their new pools.

It’s not just bog standard pools that you can slap onto your Sims’ homes. Pools can be constructed on any level and in all manner of shapes. Fancy a glass-bottom pool dangling off the side of your mansion? How about a moat for your out-of-place castle? 

These are all silly questions. The first thing you’ll all do is build a regular pool, fill it with people and then remove any means of escape. But it’s okay, because with last month’s ghost update, you’re not really murdering anyone. You’re just transforming them into colourful, transparent house guests. 

The pool update also comes with a big patch that adds swimming costumes (and new styled looks), performance tweaks and bug fixes. Take a look at the next page for the full patch notes. 

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Shriven avatarTovias avatarhiddnsaccade avatarStinkflipper Incarnate avatarBelimawr avatar
Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

No charge? Must have been made to change their decision after testing the water.... :D

Tovias Avatar
3 Years ago

Good, now if we could get Create A Style back then this would be great.

Or at least increase the size of the cities, god damn

hiddnsaccade Avatar
3 Years ago

Still can't say that I'm ready to jump in.

Stinkflipper Incarnate Avatar

I've never murdered anyone with my pools (I really don't get that thing), and yet it was one of the features I missed the most with the vanilla game. The lack of fun stuff to build/buy was a major bummer, people say this game has more content than previous games, but very little of it is _fun_.

Belimawr Avatar
3 Years ago

but why are people in swimming pools see through like in the picture? or is it magic xray water?