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The Surge 2 announced for 2019, taking the Souls-like to a “sprawling, devastated city”

The Surge 2

The Surge 2 is in development. Focus Home and Deck 13 announced the renewal of their partnership and the creation of a second game for PC and console earlier today.

While you wait for The Surge 2, check out The Surge’s theme park DLC, A Walk in the Park.

Much of what made the first robotic souls-like a success will carry over into the new game, which has a release date planned for 2019. The dynamic limb-targeting system will remain, as will character progression, but the team say the new game will “expand greatly upon the formula” of the first game.

The Surge 2 will, however, take place in a brand-new environment. Rather than the corridors of the first game’s factory, the action will head outside, into “a sprawling, devastated city,” which Deck 13 say is larger and more ambitious than their previous offering, thanks to their improved engine. Brutal combat, plenty of upgrades, and new abilities, implants and weapons will all feature.

More information about The Surge 2 is set to come out over the next couple of days at Focus Home Interactive’s yearly press event, Le What’s Next de Focus, so we’ll keep you up-to-date when we learn more.