The Surge is out on May 16, so here’s two men in exosuits beating the crap out of each other

The Surge

We knew Deck 13’s sci-fi action-RPG The Surge was aiming for a May release date, but now we know when in May, and we’ve got a new CGI trailer to celebrate.

If you’re interested, we’ve had a little play with The Surge already. Here’s what we thought.

The Surge is due for release on May 16. Pre-orders are open now, and will get you a special exoskeleton skin and two implants to help with damage and item discovery – check out the website or the Steam page for more details.

The Surge’s title hints at the catastrophe which disrupts a massive robotics facility owned by Creo, a megacorporation dedicated to fighting climate change. Players will take the role of Warren, a new employee who happens to be undergoing an exosuit fitting during the disaster. When he wakes up, it’s in the middle of a factory full of haywire robots, coworkers driven insane by their own implants, and an artificial intelligence gone murderously rogue. Everything wants him dead, but it’s not his fault (as far as we know).

Developers Deck 13 boast of “tight, visceral melee combat” as you take on these threats. If you’re skilful enough, you’ll be able to cut specific limbs off your enemies and wield them as weapons or armour. Early gameplay has earned comparisons with Dark Souls, but The Surge is distinguished by new ideas like this and a dystopian sci-fi setting (as opposed to dystopian fantasy).