The Surge’s New Game+ will have special enemies you won’t encounter on your first run

The surge boss battle pax

Update: The Surge developers Deck 13 hosted a Reddit AMA earlier today, and there were a few things tucked away in the answers that we thought our readers might be interested in. One of the main snippets of info was how the game changes when you wade back in with New Game+ mode. 

Not only will enemies scale in difficulty for New Game+, but you’ll also be able to keep upgrading your equipment. You’ll need it too, since there will be unique, more difficult enemies lying in ambush. 

Curious, but undecided? Watch us kill a boss to get a sense for The Surge’s gameplay.

“We have some special enemies that will begin laying ambushes for you in NG+ and beyond, so keep your eyes peeled even if you think you already know how an area is populated,” explain Deck 13, clarifying: “Enemies that you already know will behave as you’ve learned them in NG, but there’s new aggressive enemies that are only found in NG+.”

In another comment, Deck 13 addressed the comparisons to Dark Souls. They’re quite open about the game’s similarities to FromSoftware’s series, even going so far to call it a ‘Souls-like’, but they think this particular game is closer to FromSoft’s PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne.

“We’re fans of FromSoftware and their games,” say Deck 13. “We’ve found their titles inspiring in different ways (and you’ll see evidence of our love for these games in The Surge), but I think you’ll find the most familiarity if you approach The Surge from a Bloodborne state of mind.

“Combat is snappy and responsive, you have a fast dodge that doesn’t cost a ton of stamina, but encounters can be really punishing if you don’t play carefully and tactically. Likewise, controlled aggression is a necessity due to the need to build and use combat energy – not entirely different from the way BB rewards you for staying aggressive even after taking damage.”

Original: Deck 13, developers of The Surge, are doing an AMA on Reddit. You can put your questions in the thread now, and they promise to start answering at around 15:30 CEST (about 14:30 BST, or 06:30 Pacific).

The thread is here. The devs will start answering in about 15 minutes, and will do so for two hours (until 17:30 CEST), at which point they will head over to Twitch for a live dev session. You can catch that here:

We’ll update this story when the AMA is done, in case any interesting questions get answered. Personally, I share BulbachuTTV’s curiosity about the changes in NG+, and robih29’s penetrative query – “who is your favourite Austrian?” – simply cannot go unanswered.