Spark Souls – The Surge gets a new gameplay trailer

The Surge Gameplay

Dark Souls with robots – that’s the basic premise of The Surge, an upcoming action game from Deck 13, creators of Lords of the Fallen. They’re taking the core of Lords and transporting it to a sci-fi setting where machinery has gone bad and you need to graft some metal to yourself so you can hit them with it until they die. Machines die, right?

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Check out the trailer embedded above for four minutes of gameplay. In the video, we can see the base game is still very similar to Souls, with a lock on, dodging, methodical attacks and more hallmarks of that distinct combat system.

There are some twists, though, besides the fact you’re fighting sentient bulldozers. For example, the video shows off some kind of jump attack that looks far more accurate than any Dark Souls jump I’ve ever seen. I mean, have you tried jumping in Dark Souls? It’s like trying to guide a cat into a shower.

Then there’s the limb-lopping system, which seems to materialise as some kind of QTE-style finisher. We all love QTEs, right? Erm, well.

The Surge releases on PC in 2017.